About ZoomSpike

ZoomSpike Photography is a service providing images to clients that fits their needs and desires. I specialise in bespoke portraits, music & the performing arts and images for ‘wall art’. In this digital world, it is easy to forget that pictures have a place in our lives other than on a screen. We use pictures to communicate, to influence and to decorate.

‘Wall Art’ has been around since we lived in caves. Wall images aren’t only for direct communication but to also enhance our experience in whatever space we are in. Wall Art gives perspective, calms or excites the mood. It can make us smile or give us a space in which we can vanish for a moment. It can make a small room feel big, keep a loved one close by or inspire us to achieve.

Portraits serve a variety of purposes. It depends on where and how they are used but they generate a reaction. The face and expression tell stories, persuade or encourage, attract or reassure. They can be wall art or on a T-shirt, a poster or billboard, a mug or an album sleeve. It doesn’t matter if the face is on a magazine or in a museum, the expression is communicating with the viewer. I really enjoy the process of portrait photography, having portable studio equipment also allows the client to be comfortable in their own space during the shoot.

Music & Performing Arts photography presents a range of challenges and is an uncontrolled situation. Capturing the dynamic atmosphere and conveying the sound, intensity and buzz of a performance can create some dramatic images. Again, these can be transformed into an impressionist piece of art, a poster, merchandise or even a documentary type study of the subject. I try to reflect the thrill and energy of the performance in the images produced and am happy to work with the performer to match their requirements.

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