About The Project

At this point in the project I am looking for new subjects so if you can get me access to your performance (whether live, rehearsal or studio) then I’ll reciprocate with access to the digital masters of the best shots for your own use. This is a limited time option. As the project progresses only exclusive limited edition printed versions of the images will be available.

I am currently located in the west of Scotland but can travel for the right opportunity. If you are interested in having your performance captured, then contact me and we can have a chat.

The photo galleries show 4 different categories.

"Portraits" is what it says on the tin.

“The Show” is a collection of straight forward images from performances.

“The Moment” is a collection of enhanced 'Art' images depicting the feel & atmosphere of the performance at that instant.

“The World” is a collection of images from around the world not related to live performance but worthy of a showcase in their own right.

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  • Capture your performance, you're good enough!

    Mike "Spike" McLean